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The Student’s Blogging Challenge is coming to an end, and now it’s time to recognize the great blogs that have participated. I have had a fun time learning, reading and responding to student’s all around the world. I think it’s interesting that we can all come together and write about things we love, are passionate about, and really just anything. There are so many things that can create a great blog. Some things I like  in a good blog or blog post is to be able to tell the writer is passionate about something or what they are writing about. A blogger who can make their post unique and different is something I look for too.

Through out the challenge, a blog that I discovered about halfway through was this blog.I found this blog intriguing at first because  Alice (the author of this blog) had a post about origami, and had a very instructional post with pictures thoroughly describing how to make a origami cube. The high quality pictures showed me Alice had a passion for origami (or crafts in general)  and photography. After when I read other posts, I discovered she did indeed have a passion for photography and had many other pictures on her blog that she took.  Alice’s blog definitely added value to my life, and others because her posts stuck in my head because they were unique. I also liked how Alice’s blog is intended for her audience. Her posts are about interesting topics and others can give their opinion or thoughts about the post.

Alice’s blog was very well written which made reading clear to read. In the posts and at the end, Alice would ask a question that would be answered by her audience. I think this is a good way to get readers involved, and even more interested. The blog was also very colorful and friendly.  The layout was organized and had many interesting widgets that grabbed my attention. In the blog’s post, it only had what it needed. It wasn’t overly long, and it just got it’s point across.

Overall, This blog definitely one of the best blogs I have discovered during the Student Blogging Challenge. The layout, background, colors and widgets all made the actual blog very welcoming. The post had no punctuation, grammar or spelling errors which made the blog look like the writer put a lot of time and effort into the posts. I believe that Alice and her blog should win the Student Blogging Challenge.

3 thoughts on “New Discovery: Best Blog!

  1. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me! You are such a good writer/blogger. I love your blog and even when the Student Blogging Challenge is over I will still follow your blog. This post touched my heart. I just started blogging three to four months ago and this is a huge honor to be shouted-out on your blog. I just wanted to tell you how much this means to me. I really appreciate it. Thanks, Mae.

    Your Virtual Friend 😉 ,

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